26-27 March 2020
Budker INP
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

Mo99 production by the KEK cERL

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Budker INP

Budker INP

Lavrentiev av. 11, Novosibirsk, Russia
Oral presentation WG7: Cryogenics, cryomodule and superconducting technology for accelerators


Dr Kota Nakanishi (KEK)


Center for Applied Superconducting Accelerators(CASA) was established at KEK to develop and promote the use of superconducting accelerator. The compact Energy Recoverry Linac (cERL) is one of the accelerators operated by CASA. The cERL can generate CW beam. Superconducting technology is very suitable to obtain high energy CW beams. cERL is a system that uses 1.3GHz superconducting cavities operated at 2K. Currently, the electron beams with a beam current of 1mA (ERL mode) and 10$\mu$A (Linac mode) can be handled with an energy of about 20MeV. As an example of the use of this accelerator, the results of generating $^{99}$Mo/$^{99m}$Tc by irradiating an electron beam with $^{100}$Mo as a target will be introduced.

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