26-27 March 2020
Budker INP
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

Industrial radio frequency electron accelerators ILU type.

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Budker INP

Budker INP

Lavrentiev av. 11, Novosibirsk, Russia
Oral presentation WG3: Accelerator technologies for industrial & medical applications


Dr Aleksandr Bryazgin (BINP)


ILU type industrial accelerators are RF pulse accelerators with energy range from 0.8 to 10 MeV. First of these accelerators where designed 1970’s. But market development requires continuous modernization of accelerators. Great prospects for the use of accelerators in industry are provided by a new market - food irradiation. The report describes accelerator upgrades associated with food irradiation. For this, accelerators must operate with energies from 5 MeV to 10 MeV in the electronic mode and in the mode of bremsstrahlung gamma radiation.

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