Electron outcoupling experiments at the NovoFEL facility

13 Jul 2020, 17:50
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Oral SR and FEL sources and centers SR and FEL sources and centers


Dr Yaroslav Getmanov (Budker INP)


The electron outcoupling scheme was proposed for the high power FELs with optical cavities to avoid the power limitation due to overheating of the reflecting mirrors. This can be realized if the major part of radiation power is emitted at an angle to the optical axis. For this, the electron beam should be bunched and then slightly rotated in the undulator of the FEL.
At the NovoFEL facility the electron outcoupling system is installed on the third FEL based on the multiturn energy recovery linac. It consists of three undulators, dipole correctors and two quadrupole lenses assembled between them. There are two different configurations of the system since the electrons can be deflected in either the second or the third undulator.
The electron beam dynamics calculations, current experimental results and the planned experiments are discussed.
Results of researches supported by RBRF grant 15-02-07776 were used in this work.

Primary author

Dr Yaroslav Getmanov (Budker INP)


Mr Anton Matveev (BINP SB RAS) Prof. Nicolay Vinokurov (Head of Lab) Dr Oleg Shevchenko (BINP)

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