Technical and software improvements of the EPR spectroscopy station at the NovoFEL facility: status 2020.

13 Jul 2020, 20:50
Poster THz radiation aplication Poster Session


Dr Anatoly Melnikov (International Tomography Center)


This contribution describes the current state of the X-band EPR setup at the Novosibirsk Free Electron Laser facility (NovoFEL). Recent advances in experimental hardware and software are discussed in detail. Improvements include implementations of fast detectors for recording the THz macropulses during experiment, possibility of simultaneous use of two oscilloscopes, configured at different timescale, and the development of software for on-the-fly data treatment. Modification of hardware and software of the EPR spectroscopy station at NovoFEL facility was funded by the Russian Science Foundation, grant number 17-13-01412. Synthesis of [Co0.01Zn0.99(piv)2(2-NH2-Py)2] complex was funded by IGIC RAS state assignment.

Primary author

Dr Anatoly Melnikov (International Tomography Center)


Prof. Matvey Fedin (International Tomography Center SB RAS) Dr Mikhail Kiskin (Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences) Dr Oleg Shevchenko (BINP) Dr Sergey Veber (International Tomography Center SB RAS) Mr Yaroslav Getmanov (Budker INP)

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