The Novosibirsk free electron laser facility

13 Jul 2020, 16:30
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Invited Oral SR and FEL sources and centers SR and FEL sources and centers


Dr Oleg Shevchenko (BINP)


The Novosibirsk FEL facility includes three FELs operating in terahertz, far- and mid- infrared spectral ranges. It has rather long history but its potential is not fully revealed so far. The first FEL of this facility has been operating for users of terahertz radiation since 2004. It still remains being the world’s most powerful sources of coherent narrow-band radiation in its wavelength range (90 – 340 μm). The second FEL was commissioned in 2009. Now it operates in the range of 35 - 80 μm but in near future we plan to replace its undulator with a new one and its short wavelength boundary will be shifted down to 15 μm. The third FEL was commissioned in 2015 to cover the wavelength range of 5 – 20 μm. Its undulator comprises three separate sections. Such lattice suits very well to demonstrate the new off-mirror way of radiation outcoupling in FEL oscillator (so called electron outcoupling) which we also plan to do in near future. We also intend to improve the accelerator injection system. The result of this improvement will be increasing of the average electron beam current and consequently increasing of all three FELs radiation power. In this paper we present overview of the facility and discuss our recent achievements and future plans.

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