Simulation and Experimental Study of Beam Dynamics in NovoFEL RF Gun and its Beamline

13 Jul 2020, 20:00
Poster SR and FEL sources and centers Poster Session


Mr Anton Matveev (BINP SB RAS)


A new normal-conducting, CW, thermocathode RF gun was developed and tested at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics recently. Providing average current up to 100 mA, this device will be used to upgrade the injector of Novosibirsk FEL facility. A beam dynamics simulation in RF gun and its beamline was made with space-charge forces being taken into account. Comparison of the simulation results and experimental measurements is presented in this paper.
Results of researches supported by RBRF grant 15-02-07776 were used in this work.

Primary author

Mr Anton Matveev (BINP SB RAS)


Mr IGOR DAVIDYUK (BINP) Prof. NIKOLAY VINOKUROV (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Dr Oleg Shevchenko (BINP) vladimir volkov (BINP SB RAS)

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