Detectors for fast time-resolved studies at SSTRC, status and future

14 Jul 2020, 16:00
Zoom 890 9721 5207

Zoom 890 9721 5207

Oral SR technological application and X-ray apparatus Time-resolved X-ray diffraction


Lev Shekhtman


The detector developments for fast and super-fast time-resolved studies at SR beams will be reviewed. Two detectors based on Si micro-strip technology are developed at present at Budker INP SB RAS. The detector for imaging of super-fast processes at a nanosecond scale, DIMEX-Si allows to improve by more than a factor of ten maximum detected photon flux, with respect to the gaseous version of such detector, that is operating at VEPP-3 for more than 15 years; the frame rate is increased up to 50 MFr/s and spatial resolution is improved to about 50 microns. The new full-size detector prototype for the studies of tungsten deformations under pulse heat load in a microsecond scale is recently developed. Its has significantly better spatial resolution and sensitivity compared to the DIMEX-G detector that was used for these studies before.

Part of the work reviewed in this presentation related to the measurements with the prototype of the DIMEX-Si detector is supported by the RFBR grant No.19-42-540006.

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