Superconducting undulator with a variable configuration of the magnetic field.

13 Jul 2020, 20:00
Poster SR and FEL sources and centers Poster Session


Pavel Kanonik (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)


Based on coils developed at the Budker Institute of nuclear physics for a superconducting undulator with a period of 15.6 mm, a model of a superconducting undulator with variable polarization (SCUVP)with a period of ~32 mm is proposed. The undulator consists of two superconducting undulators placed mutually perpendicular and powered by currents independently. Depending on the different currents values in the windings of the undulator, there is a possibility to create both an elliptical undulator with different elliptic coefficients, and planar undulators with linear radiation polarization at a zero angle both horizontally and vertically. The paper presents numerical calculations of the undulator fields and its spectra.

Primary author

Pavel Kanonik (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)


Dr Vitaliy Shkaruba (BINP) Alexey Bragin (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Alexandr Erokhin (BINP) Sergey Khrushchev (BINP) Olga Tarasenko (BINP) Valeriy Tsukanov (BINP) Askold Volkov (BINP) Artem Zorin (BINP) Nikolay Mezentsev (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)

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