High Energy Imaging and Diffraction at Diamond Light Source Beamline I12: 11 Years of Experience and Lessons Learned

14 Jul 2020, 16:40
Zoom 890 9721 5207

Zoom 890 9721 5207

Invited Oral X-ray structural analysis X-ray structural analysis


Dr Thomas Connolley (Diamond Light Source )


The I12 Joint Engineering, Environmental and Processing (JEEP) beamline, was constructed during Phase II of the Diamond Light Source. The beamline started operating in November 2009. It is located on a short (5 m) straight section of the 3 GeV Diamond storage ring. The insertion device is a 4.2 T superconducting multipole wiggler. User experiments are possible with filtered white beam or monochromatic X-rays in the energy range 53-150 keV from a bent Laue monochromator. The beam energy enables good penetration through large or dense samples, combined with a large beam size from the wiggler fan (1 mrad horizontally × 0.3 mrad vertically). These beam characteristics permit the study of materials and processes inside environmental chambers and on sample sizes that are more representative of bulk materials. X-ray techniques available are radiography, tomography, energy-dispersive diffraction and monochromatic 2D diffraction/scattering. I12 has established a broad user community in materials science and processing, chemical processing, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, environmental science, palaeontology and physics. The majority of experiments are time resolved, in-situ studies, often involving processing equipment brought by users

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