Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (I05-ARPES) beamline at Diamond: getting insight into electronic structure of solids

15 Jul 2020, 16:20
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Invited Oral SR and FEL sources and centers X-ray spectroscopy


Timur Kim (Diamond Light Source)


Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) has proven to be particularly successful for the investigation of the electronic structure of solids and their surfaces. A synchrotron radiation beamline in a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) to soft x-ray photon energy range of 18-240 eV and a photon flux up to 2·10^13 ph/s have been constructed at the 3 GeV Diamond Light Source storage ring. The instrument features a variable polarisation undulator, a high resolution monochromator, a re-focussing system to form a beam spot of 50 × 50 μm2. The end station for high resolution photoemission spectroscopy includes a 6-degrees-of-freedom cryogenic sample manipulator operating in the range from 7-300K. The beamline design and its performance allow for a highly productive ARPES experiments at an energy resolution of ~10 meV for fast momentum-space mapping studies and at 3 meV for high resolution measurements.
Second branch has nano-ARPES end-station that uses a scanning microscopy piezo driven sample stage and a photons in the energy range 60-100eV. Photon beam is focused to sub-micron beam-spot using Fresnel Zone plates. Sample can be cooled down to 25K, giving total energy resolution of about 30meV.
The overall high productivity of the instrument performance is best judged by the publication output - see website of I05–ARPES beamline for more information (

Primary author

Timur Kim (Diamond Light Source)

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