In situ XRD analysis with the time-resolution (0.4 ms) of stainless steel in during selective laser melting.

15 Jul 2020, 15:00
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Zoom 890 9721 5207

Oral SR technological application and X-ray apparatus SR technological application and X-ray apparatus


Dr Konstantin Kuper


Selective laser melting is an additive technology that is gaining popularity due to its ability to produce complex metal components that cannot be manufactured using traditional technologies.To achieve high quality components created using SLM, it is necessary to control the processes of melting and subsequent crystallization in metals. Using the high synchrotron radiation (SR) intensity from a 9-pole wiggler (VEPP-4M), we obtained data on phase transformations in AISI 304 stainless steel with a time resolution of 0.4 ms. For SLM, we used a 500 W ytterbium fiber laser with a wavelength 1070 nm. , The work was performed on the SR beamline "Phase Contrast Radiography", created with the support of the RFBR project No. 12-02-12071

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