Application of XAFS spectroscopy for study of microparticles of Sikhote-Alin meteorite

13 Jul 2020, 21:11
Poster X-ray spectroscopy Poster Session


Dr Vladimir Kriventsov


The presented work shows the new results of a study of microparticles of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite using XANES and EXAFS methods. XANES / EXAFS spectra (Ni-K, Fe-K, W-L2), using μ- and standard methods, for meteorite microparticles and reference comparison samples were obtained both on experimental module X-ray Confocal Microscopy situated on NRC “Kurchatov Institute” (Moscow) and at XRF-, EXAFS- stations of Siberian Synchrotron Terahertz Radiation Center (SSTRC, Novosibirsk). Some differences in the local structure and phase composition in different microparticles of the studied meteorite samples were determined. The interatomic distances and the corresponding coordination numbers were calculated. Various options for structural models are considered. Additionally, the chemical and phase compositions, and the morphology of the samples were studied by SEM, EDX, and XRF methods. On the example of a test meteorite, the possibilities of the proposed approach for the study of microparticles of complex composition are shown. The data obtained by all the methods are in a good agreement.
The work was carried out in the framework of the RFBR projects no. 19-05-50046, 18-03-01251. The work was done at the shared research center SSTRC on the basis of the Novosibirsk FEL/VEPP-4-VEPP-2000 complex at BINP SB RAS, using equipment supported by project RFMEFI62119X0022.

Primary author


Dr Alexey Seregin (National Research Center ‘Kurchatov Institute’) Andrey Darin (Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS) Mr Dmitry Sorokoletov Fedor Darin (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences (BINP SB RAS)) Dr Iakov Rakshun Dr Roman Senin (Kurchatov Institute)

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