Comparison of experimental data of 3D density of the expansion zone of TATB detonation products obtained on the synchrotron radiation of VEPP-3 with computer simulation

13 Jul 2020, 21:25
Poster X-ray structural analysis Poster Session


Evgeniy Smirnov (Russian Federal Nuclear Center - VNIITF)


Unique installations were made - an experimental synchrotron radiation station at the VEPP-3 / VEPP-4 accelerator complex: “Explosion”, “Investigation of the extreme state of matter”. According to the characteristics of the experiments, the station “Investigation of the extreme state of matter” has no analogues in the world. The new stations made it possible to obtain unique data on measuring the 3D density of the expansion zone of the detonating TATB.
In experiments on measuring the density of the zone of expansion of detonation products, a difference was found between computer simulation data and data obtained in experiments using synchrotron radiation. The new data allowed to modernize the codes for calculating the detonation parameters and take into account the condensation process of the solid nano - phase during the detonation of the used detonating systems.
This work was supported by RFBR grants 19-29-12045, 16-29-01050, 14-03-00770 and Ministry of Science and Education of Russia grant АААА-А17-117030310280-6.

Primary author

Evgeniy Smirnov (Russian Federal Nuclear Center - VNIITF)


Boris Tolochko (Institute of solid state chemistry and mechanochemistry) Konstantin Ten (LIH SB RAS) Yury Aminov (RFNC VNIITF)

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