Transmission Hard X-ray Interferometer-Microscope (15-35 keV) at VEPP-4 storage ring facility as a project

13 Jul 2020, 20:30
Poster SR technological application and X-ray apparatus Poster Session


Dr Elena Reznikova


A new Transmission Hard X-ray Interferometer-Microscope (THXIM), which is based on X-ray refractive lenses and diffractive gratings, was developed for 15-35 keV photon energies to set up at the second front-end of VEPP-4M storage ring. The synchrotron radiation (SR) path from the bending magnet source to the experimental hutch is 17 m. The THXIM block sequence on the SR beam course within the 6.5 m hutch distance is the following: 1) The forvacuum block includes horizontal and vertical slits, a multilayered X-ray mirror monochromator, an SR beam position detector and a blocker absorbing the direct beam. 2) The block of the X-ray refractive condenser lens in the air atmosphere. 3) The block of a research object and the X-ray refractive objective lens with X-ray diffractive gratings is in the air environment. 4) At the end of the beamline station, the air block of the THXIM detector is disposed, which includes an X-ray scintillator (a 100 m thin, 1 cm large area, CdWO4 crystal) and an optical microscope with a planapochromate objective, inclined mirror and a CCD camera. Between 2, 3 and 4 blocks, forvacuum tubes for the beam inflights are disposed. We develop inclined X-ray lithography with SU-8 and PMMA resist, as well as photo- and e-beam lithography and galvanoplastics technologies of gold, nickel and aluminum microstructures in order to create X-ray refractive lenses with high aspect ratios of 3D apex elements and X-ray diffractive gratings with nanometer range periods. The X-ray refractive long compound paraboloid objective lenses with 100 m apertures and focal distances of several centimeters provide the THXIM resolution of dozens nanometers. The position choice for a THXIM research object within a local coherent zone, which is obtained by means of an X-ray refractive condenser lens with a long-length focal waist, is discussed.

This work is partially supported by grant №19-42-540014 of Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Government of Novosibirsk Region.

Primary authors

Dr Elena Reznikova Arina Neustroeva (Andreevna) G.Yu. Sevostyanov (Novosibirsk State University) I.A. Venediktova (Novosibirsk State University) Dr Vladimir Nazmov Vladimir Shlegel (NIIC)

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