1. Fundamental processes and modelling
  2. H– and D– sources for fusion, accelerators and other applications
  3. Other negative ion sources
  4. Beam formation and low energy transport
  5. Beam acceleration and neutralization
  6. Beam lines and facilities
  7. Applications

Important Dates

Registration Open                                     1 April 2020

Paper Upload Deadline                  23 September 2020


International Program Committee

  • M. Bacal, UPMC, France
  • Y. Belchenko, BINP, Russia
  • C. Corr, Australian National University, Australia
  • D. Faircloth, UKRI-STFC, UK
  • G. Fubiani, LAPLACE/CNRS/Univ. of Toulouse, France
  • A. Holmes, Marcham Scientific, UK
  • Y. Hwang, SNU, Korea
  • A. Ivanov, BINP/Novosibirsk State University, Russia
  • M. Kashiwagi, JAEA, Japan
  • W. Kraus, IPP, Germany
  • J. Lettry, CERN, Switzerland
  • R. McAdams, CCFE, UK
  • Y. Mori, Kyoto University, Japan
  • B. Schunke, ITER Organisation, France
  • M. Singh, IPR, India
  • M. Stöckli, ORNL, USA
  • Y. Takeiri, NIFS, Japan
  • M. Wada, Doshisha University,Japan
  • A. Zelenskii, BNL,USA