Presentation Information

The symposium will consist of contributed papers presented online in oral and posters sessions. A timetable has been created that best groups the topics and time zones of the presenters. The direct links to Online Meetings are shown at the site page Session Meeting links .

Oral sessions will be conducted as Zoom webinars. Each oral presentation will be up to 15 minutes long. An additional 5 minutes are reserved in the timetable for questions and answers from the live audience. The oral sessions will be recorded, so delegates can view the talks at a time of their choosing. Links to the recordings made available on the Indico site for one year. By giving your talk you consent to your talk being recorded. If you do not wish your talk to be recorded please contact Speakers and session chairs should have already received emails with personal links, which they must use to access the webinar. Contact if you are a speaker or session chair and you have not received your personal Zoom link. All other delegates can join the Zoom webinar sessions by clicking on the Session Meeting links .

Oral presentation files should be either Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF or WMV. Any special content (video, audio etc.) must be embedded in the presentation.  All presentation files for oral reports must be uploaded to the NIBS website in two or three days prior to your oral session.

The preferred method of oral presentation is for the presenter control their own slides by sharing their screen live, however a copy of the presentation must also be uploaded to the NIBS website so that the session chairman can show and change the slides in the event of network connection problems. A local telephone number will also be provided to allow speakers and delegates to dial in if required.

If the presenter prefers to record their talk in advance it is possible to submit a narrated  Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or a video WMV file (saved at 480p resolution).

The filename of all presentation material should follow the format:  NIBS2020_<session>_<name>, where <session> is the session of the talk, shown in the Symposium Programme, and <name> is the last name of the presenter. For example, the file for John Smith’s talk at session O2 should be named NIBS2020_O2_Smith

How to upload the material to Indico.  Find your report in the “contribution list”. Click the title of your report. You will see the list with your report data.  By clicking the icon “pencil” (at the right bottom of the page) you can add material and edit your upload.

An introductory session will be run on the first day of the symposium for people new to the field. This will consist of an introductory set of lectures about negative ion source physics and technology.

Poster Sessions

Poster presentation and discussion sessions will be conducted on a new online system. All delegates must register for the poster sessions. Poster authors will be able upload a pdf file of their poster when they register for the poster sessions. To allow easy access for all delegates we kindly ask poster authors to upload a pdf file of their poster to both the Indico site and the Poster Sessions site.

When delegates register for the poster session they will receive an email with a link to the poster session galleries. The posters will be displayed in 3 Galleries P1, P2 and P3. Delegates registered for the poster session will be able to leave text based questions for the poster authors. The poster author will be emailed the question and will be able to answer the question through a web console accessed by a link that they received by email after their poster is accepted for display. When the poster author answers their questions they are published to the poster gallery for all delegates to see. It is important that posters are uploaded as soon as possible so that delegates can view them and ask text questions during the symposium. All text questions should be answered by the author before the end of the symposium.

The timetabled poster sessions are intended to replicate a normal real world poster session.

When the poster session starts the poster author should wait in their video room by clicking on the button in their console which is accessed by the link they have been emailed. All other delegates can browse the posters in the galleries and click on a button by the poster to enter a video room discussion with the poster author. The poster author and delegates in the room can share their screen to present and discuss as required. Up to 5 people can enter each poster author’s room simultaneously, however the poster author can allow more people in when prompted if they wish.

Each poster session also has a general networking room. This is a general discussion networking room with no limit on numbers. Delegates can network with each other during the poster session if they are not in a room with a poster author.

Each poster session has a convener who has an overview of all posters, discussion rooms and text based Q+A. The poster session video room discussions are not recorded. The poster sessions are implemented through a web browser and should work on any operating system or device. You must grant access to your camera and microphone if you wish to talk to a poster author.