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SR and FEL sources and centers

Insertion devices for national sources of synchrotron radiation with extremely low emittance


  • Mr. Artem ZORIN

Primary authors


It is planned to build new national sources of synchrotron radiation with extremely low emittance in Russia in the nearest future. The program is also known as SSRS-4 (specialized synchrotron radiation source of the 4-th generation). This paper describes modern and promising methods of syncrotron radiation using in relation to insertion devices for syncrotron radiation generation.

It was analysed users' needs and wishes working on over 100 user stations all over the world: Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation Centre (Russia), ESRF (France), SPring-8 (Japan), PETRA III (Germany), NSRRC (Taiwan) etc. Classification work was performed, and insertion devices were grouped in following way: multipole wigglers with extremely high field level (7...7.5 T) and long period (140...200 mm); multipole wigglers with medium field level (3.5...4.2 T) and short period (48...60 mm); multipole wigglers with short period (30...34 mm) and low field level (2...2.2 T); superconducting undulators; permanent magnet undulators; permanent magnet helical undulators; APPLE-II undulators with variable polarization. As an example, the paper describes 6 proposed user station for Siberian Circular Photon Source ("SKIF"), which is planned to launch in 2023.

The work was supported by The Ministry of Education and Science of The Russian Federation project RFMEFI61617X0087.