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SR technological application and X-ray apparatus

Fabrication X-ray masks with multilayer bearing membranes


  • Mr. Aleksandr GENTSELEV
  • Dr. Boris GOLDENBERG
  • Mr. Aleksey LEMZYAKOV

Primary authors



The design and manufacturing method of x-ray masks, which have high-contrast in x-ray spectral range of shorter wavelengths (λ ≈ 3÷7 Å), are described. This masks can be a tool to form a resistive mask with a thickness of ~20÷150 microns and also can be used as intermediate mask for the fabrication of LIGA-masks for deep X-ray lithography. The manufacturing method is based on silicon planar technology. Two types of masks were made with mainly aluminum membrane. The method ensures the manufacture of x-ray masks with multilayer (titanium, aluminum and silicon layers, the thickness of which can vary in a fairly wide range) bearing membranes.