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SR technological application and X-ray apparatus

Hybrid 9-pole wiggler as a source of «hard» X-ray radiation at the VEPP-4M accelerator complex


  • Grigory BARANOV

Primary authors



A hybrid 9-pole wiggler was developed in the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics and successfully installed at the VEPP-4M accelerator complex. This wiggler consists of 9 poles, which are electromagnets with an iron core. In order to achieve the greatest value of the field in the gap, permanent magnets with magnetization of 1.2 T are set between the wiggler poles. This combination of electromagnets and permanent magnets made it possible to achieve a maximum field of 1.9 T, with an inter-pole gap of 30 mm. At present time, several research methods have been developed using the "hard" X-ray range (50-250 keV) based on the SR beam line from a 9-pole wiggler. On the beamline, were carried out range of investigations with application X-ray imaging of fast processes, X-ray computed tomography, XRD and XRF analyzes. The best results are shown in the report.