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X-ray structural analysis

SR XRD Functional Materials Diagnostics


  • Dr. Alexander SHMAKOV

Primary authors



X-ray diffraction studies of structure, structural and phase transformations of functional materials under different external conditions are carried out at SR beamlines of VEPP-3 and VEPP-4M storage rings at Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiational Center. Beamline No.2 of VEPP-3 storage ring is dedicated for high angular resolution and anomalous scattering experiments under normal temperature and pressure. The available photon energy range is 5-20 keV, diffraction patterns are recorded in step-by-step scanning mode within angular range 2theta=0.5-140°. Time-resolved experiments with samples being under high temperature and gaseous reaction mixture are conducted at Beamline No.6 of VEPP-3 storage ring. It operates at three fixed photon energies, 7.16, 7.56 and 12.3 keV, diffracted intensity is registered by OD-3M position sensitive detector. Three different high temperature XRD chambers are available for experiments. High photon energy experiments are executed at Beamline No.8 of VEPP-4M storage ring. The source provides photon energy up to 100-120 keV with sufficient intensity which allows to investigate structure and phase composition of functional materials placed to autoclave or electrochemical cell. The diagnostics of materials by means of Total X-ray Scattering is also available. The latest activities of Beamlines and results of XRD experiments will be presented.