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X-ray spectroscopy

Complex study of test samples to develop combined SR techniques


  • Mr. Ivan STROKOV

Primary authors



The first results of the study of test samples of technological and natural origin having complex composition to develop combined SR techniques (XAFS, XRF) are shown. The main purpose of investigation is to pass developed approach for SR studies of microinclusions and microparticles in future. All spectra, using µ- and standard modes, were recorded both on experimental module X-ray Confocal Microscopy situated on NRC “Kurchatov Institute” (Moscow) and at XRF, EXAFS stations of Siberian Synchrotron Terahertz Radiation Center (SSTRC, Novosibirsk). The test samples having complex composition (such as low-percentage metal-oxide nanocomposites, nanoalloys, specimens of natural origin) were synthesized and/or selected. The test samples and references necessary for testing the SR techniques were performed by a set of methods (HRTEM, XRF, XPS, SEM, EDA, etc.). For the test systems under investigation, new information will be obtained on the phase and elemental compositions, atomic structure, morphology, structural parameters. The prospects of the proposed approach for future research are shown. This work was conducted within the framework of SB RAS program II.1 (project 0303-2018-0010, АААА-А17-117112840087-0)