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Contribution Oral

SR technological application and X-ray apparatus

Development of laboratory X-ray microtomography setups and tomography reconstruction algorithms


  • Dr. Alexey BUZMAKOV

Primary authors



Nowadays X-ray microtomography is convenient and widely used tool for scientists in laboratory and synchrotron sources. In this work, we show our progress in development of laboratory X-ray microtomography setups. Using X-ray optical elements (bubble lenses and asymmetrically cut crystals) allows us to reach spatial resolution up to 1 um at field of view about 1 mm. Without optical elements, spatial resolution is 10 um at field of view about 20 mm. The special role in tomography measurement is reconstruction algorithms. We use both traditional FBP algorithm and algebraic algorithms with regularizations. This allows obtaining good quality tomography reconstruction from X-ray images (projections) with low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In the paper we present latest developed tomographic setup that allows to take measurements in fully automatic mode with remote access of tomography data.

This work was partially supported by the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (Agreement No 007-ГЗ/Ч3363/26) in part of tomography setup construction and by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project #17-29-03492) in images corrections and tomography reconstruction algorithms.