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SR technological application and X-ray apparatus

Mini-Transfocator for X-ray Microscopy


  • Mr. Anton NARIKOVICH

Primary authors



X-ray compound refractive lenses (CRL) with parabolic profile became standard components at beamlines of modern synchrotrons. They can be adapted to X-ray energies from 2 to 200 keV to conduct research by modifying their composition and number. In order to simplify alignment and positioning of lens assembly and to provide permanent energy and focal length tunability transfocators were proposed. Used extensively as beam-conditioning devices in optics hutches, transfocators are typically quite bulky because of constructional features: pneumatic actuators for lenses cartridges, cooling and vacuum systems. Moreover, the system of lens cartridges makes it impossible for smooth variation of focus and magnification and therefore does not fully meet the needs of some experimental applications.

In this work we propose a new compact transfocator based on CRL. The Mini-transfocator is designed to combined use of 1D and 2D CRL and can be used to change number of focusing lenses. Small overall size (150x90x100 mm) and weight (approx. 2 kg) of the device allow significantly simplifying the setup of the experiment for any hutches including experimental hutch. In contrast to cartridge-type transfocators the Mini-transfocator change the number of focusing lenses by mechanically moving lenses one-by-one. Thus it provides smooth variation of focus and magnification for applications requiring compact and lightweight zoom-optics (with variable focal length).

The Mini-transfocator was successfully tested for optical accuracy, mechanical performance and repeatability at the Micro-optics test bench in the X-ray optics laboratory of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and at the PETRA-III P14 beamline. Results indicate that the Mini-transfocator is suitable for a wide range of applications, being either a beam collimation system or a short-focal magnifying objective.


Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (contract № 14.Y26.31.0002, 16.4119.2017/PCh) supported this research.