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SR and FEL sources and centers

Electron Outcoupling System of Novosibirsk Free Electron Laser Facility– Lasing Efficiency Estimations and Schemes Comparison


  • Mr. Yaroslav GETMANOV

Primary authors



The electron outcoupling scheme was proposed for the high power FELs with optical cavities to avoid the power limitation due to overheating of reflecting mirrors. For this purpose, the electron beam is prebunched while passing the first undulator along the optical axis and then is deflected by a small angle, directed to one of the next undulators and emits the high-power radiation. Electron outcoupling system is installed on the third FEL of the Novosibirsk Free Electron Laser facility (NovoFEL). The FEL consists of three undulators, dipole correctors and two quadrupole lenses assembled between them. There are two different configurations of the system since the electrons can be deflected in either the second or the third undulator. The estimates of the lasing power and the comparison of electron outcoupling schemes of NovoFEL are considered. The experimental tests of electron outcoupling are in progress.