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X-ray spectroscopy

Exploration of soft x-ray yield from targets irradiated by ultrashort laser pulses at intensities from 10^17 to 10^19 W/cm^2


  • Dr. Denis VIKHLYAEV

Primary authors



Hot plasma is formed at irradiation of matter by high intensity laser radiation with ultrashort pulse duration. This plasma is a bright source of continuous and characteristic x-ray radiation. Due to short luminescence time (~10 ps) and micrometer size of luminescence region (~10 um), such sources are applied in different sciences [1-3]. At a picosecond laser facility, experiments were conducted aimed at exploration of soft x ray yield (in the photon energy range of 0.6-4.5 keV) at laser pulse intensities I~10^17 - 10^19 W/cm^2 from Al, Cu, Mo, W and Pb targets. These experiments allowed to define dependence of electron temperature on laser pulse intensity and dependence of laser pulse energy conversion efficiency into soft x-rays from atomic number of target material. Plasma electron temperature rises from 0.4 keV to 0.6 keV with intensity increase from 10^17 to 10^19 W/cm^2. Conversion efficiency of laser radiation into x-rays changes from 0.510^(-3) to 1,510^(-3) 1/sr for Al and Pb targets respectively.


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