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SR and FEL sources and centers

Superconducting 22-pole 7 Tesla wiggler for DELTA synchrotron radiation source


  • Dr. Vitaliy SHKARUBA

Primary authors



The Dortmund Electron Accelerator (DELTA, Germany) operated as 1.5 GeV synchrotron radiation source requires a superconducting wiggler as an insertion device for three x-ray beamlines with photon energies up to more than 30 keV. The beamlines are separated each by 15 mrad from the central one and each beamline uses a horizontal aperture of 5 mrad. To meet these requirements the insertion device must have a period of 127 mm and a magnetic field of 7 Tesla for a vertical aperture of beam vacuum chamber of 10 mm and the length from flange to flange of 2.2 m. The superconducting 22-pole wiggler with the field of 7 Tesla and with the period of 127 mm operated with zero boil-off mode are described in this article. The conception and main approaches for the design of the magnetic and cryogenic system as well as the main parameters and the test results of new 7 Tesla superconducting wiggler for DELTA synchrotron light source are presented.