Opportunities of dielectric laser accelerator on high-brightness radiation and industry application

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Conference Hall (Budker INP)

Conference Hall

Budker INP

Lavrentiev av. 11, Novosibirsk 630090 Russia
Invited Oral SR and FEL sources and centers


Prof. Yen-Chieh Huang (National Tinghua University)


A dielectric laser accelerator (DLA), operating at the optical frequencies with a pulse rate close to 1 GHz, is expected to generate high-energy nano-electron bunches with a moderate average current. The nano-electron bunch permits highly efficient electron superadiance in the EUV and x-ray spectrum. In this talk, I will compare the peak and average brilliance of envisioned DLA-driven radiation sources against the 3rd- and 4th-generation light sources. Since a DLA operates with a much less average beam power, superior performance of a DLA-driven radiation source stands out when the brilliance under comparison is normalized to beam power. I will also present the opportunities of a DLA beam and radiation source in the applications of radiation therapy and EUV lithography with specifications from the industry.

Primary author

Prof. Yen-Chieh Huang (National Tinghua University)

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