Polymethylmethacrylate double compression registration using synchrotron radiation

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Poster X-ray structural analysis


Mr Evgenii Smirnov (VNIITF)


Experiments with single and double shock compression of the materials provide background for the development of equation of state (EOS) of the material under high pressure. Double compression compared to single compression provides smaller growth of the internal energy, the states that occur due to this phenomenon are observed below Hugoniot curve, approaching to isotherm. The fact helps to understand the value of the experiments with double compression conducted in order to investigate into the states of matter and its EOS under high pressures. The work describes the setup and results of the experiments where two modes of shock-wave collision were observed. Synchrotron radiation was used to register processes of incident shock wave propagation and collision, as well as reflected shock wave formation. The experiments were conducted using accelerator of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS.

Primary author

Mr Evgenii Smirnov (VNIITF)

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