The emission of microparticles from metal joints under shock wave influence

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Oral X-ray structural analysis


Konstantin Ten (LIH SB RAS)


The output of a strong shock wave on the free surface (SP) of the metal plate leads to the development of instabilities and the subsequent formation of a flux of a finely dispersed fraction (shock-wave "dusting"). The flux of particles has a distribution in space in size and velocity. The development of the instability growth process on the metal SP and, accordingly, the characteristics of the flow of microparticles depends on the degree of plate inhomogeneity (the size of the grooves and protrusions), the phase state of the material, the loading conditions, etc. To study the dusting process, the method of pulse radiography, the method of piezoelectric sensors, optical methods (including holographic methods) are traditionally used. The measured sizes of the microparticles range from a few microns to hundreds of microns. It is assumed that there are smaller particles in the stream, but the existing methods can not solve them yet. We present the results of a study of dusting processes using synchrotron radiation (SR). The experiments were carried out at the VEPP-3-VEPP-4 accelerator complex (INP SB RAS), the SR registration was carried out with a precision high-speed DIMEX detector. Flows of microparticles from a free surface of copper and tin were investigated. Mass distributions along micro-jets formed from micron-sized grooves were obtained.

Primary author

Konstantin Ten (LIH SB RAS)


Dr Aleksey Kashkarov (IHL SB RAS) Dr Alexandr Muzyrya (RF NC VNIITF) Prof. Boris Tolochko (Institute of solid state chemistry and mechanochemistry) Dr Eduard Pruuel (IHL SB RAS) Mr Ewgeny Smirnov (R) Mr Ivan Rubtsov (IHL SB RAS) Mr Kirill Prosvirin (RFNC VNIITF) Mr Lev Shekhtman (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Mr Mikhail Stolbikov (RFNC VNIITF) Mr Stanislav Kremenko (RFNC VNIITF) Mr Vladimir Aulchenko (BINP) Dr Vladimir Smirnov (RF NC VNIITF) Dr Vladimir Zhulanov (Budker INP)

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