Synchrotron based investigations of ZnS:Cu(Mn);Cl nanocoatings on porous alumina

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X-ray spectroscopy


Mr Rishat Valeev (Udmurt Federal Research Center of UB RAS)


Synchrotron facilities give more precise and reliable information about structure and electronic properties of materials. For instance EXAFS and X-Ray Diffraction techniques are the powerful methods of obtaining of structural information and XANES allows to investigate an electronic structure of materials. During last decade materials science developing the methods of obtaining and studying of new materials for light emitting devices, particularly, electroluminescent emitting panels based on nanostructured thin films and nanostructures [1]. Traditional materials for electroluminescent light sources are zinc sulfide doped with copper, chlorine, manganese and other elements. Although these materials are well studied but some information about the local environment of dopands elements is still unknown. In this work we propose templating approaches based on the formation of doped by Cu(Mn);Cl ZnS nanocoatings on the surface the porous alumina films with highly ordered and controlled diameter channels. Porous alumina were obtained by anodization process of aluminum films thermally deposited on glass/ITO/SiO2 subsrates when 100 nm thick SiO2 film were used as a buffer layer. We trying to identify the influence of synthesis conditions on the structure, electrical, including light emitting, properties of materials. All of the above defines the scope of work: EXAFS, XANES and XRD investigations of doped ZnS nanostructures for the creation of a new class of fluorescent materials to form the basis of their phosphor layers for high-performance and high-brightness light-emitting electroluminescent panels. This work is supported by Russian Foundation of Basic Research (Project № 16-48-180303). 1. R.G. Valeev, D.I. Petukhov, A.I. Chukavin, A.N. Beltiukov. Light-Emitting Nanocomposites on the Basis of ZnS:Cu Deposited into Porous Anodic Al2O3 Matrices. Semiconductors, 2016, Vol. 50, No. 2, pp. 266–270. DOI: 10.1134/S1063782616020275

Primary author

Mr Rishat Valeev (Udmurt Federal Research Center of UB RAS)


Dr Alexander Trigub (NRC "Kurchatov Institute") Dr Andrey Chukavin (Udmurt Federal Research Center of UB RAS) Dr Artemii Beltiukov (Udmurt Federal Research Center of UB RAS) Dr Vladimir Kriventsov (Boreskov Institute of Catalysis)

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