SR XRD Functional Materials Diagnostics

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X-ray structural analysis


Dr Alexander Shmakov (Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SD RAS)


X-ray diffraction studies of structure, structural and phase transformations of functional materials under different external conditions are carried out at SR beamlines of VEPP-3 and VEPP-4M storage rings at Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiational Center. Beamline No.2 of VEPP-3 storage ring is dedicated for high angular resolution and anomalous scattering experiments under normal temperature and pressure. The available photon energy range is 5-20 keV, diffraction patterns are recorded in step-by-step scanning mode within angular range 2theta=0.5-140°. Time-resolved experiments with samples being under high temperature and gaseous reaction mixture are conducted at Beamline No.6 of VEPP-3 storage ring. It operates at three fixed photon energies, 7.16, 7.56 and 12.3 keV, diffracted intensity is registered by OD-3M position sensitive detector. Three different high temperature XRD chambers are available for experiments. High photon energy experiments are executed at Beamline No.8 of VEPP-4M storage ring. The source provides photon energy up to 100-120 keV with sufficient intensity which allows to investigate structure and phase composition of functional materials placed to autoclave or electrochemical cell. The diagnostics of materials by means of Total X-ray Scattering is also available. The latest activities of Beamlines and results of XRD experiments will be presented.

Primary author

Dr Alexander Shmakov (Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SD RAS)


Dr Konstantin Kuper (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics) Mr Marat Sharafutdinov (ISSCM SB RAS, BINP SB RAS) Zakhar Vinokurov (BIC SB RAS)

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