Project of the optical scheme for the soft X-ray & VUV beamline at SKIF synchrotron facility

13 Jul 2020, 20:30
Poster SR technological application and X-ray apparatus Poster Session


Dr Anton Nikolenko (Budker INP SB RAS)


The "electronic structure" is modern beamline for methods using the VUV and soft X-rays (10–2000 eV) on the 3 GeV ring at the SKIF synchrotron facility. The collimated PGM scheme based on a modified SX-700 monochromator is used. During monochromatization and transportation from the frontend to the sample, the SR beam passes through five reflective elements, including a plane deflecting mirror and a plane diffraction grating. The remaining three mirrors have a curved shape, and two of them are interchangeable in order to change the beam path for transportation to one of the end-stations. To reduce the contribution of high diffraction orders, it is planned to additionally use a four-mirror high orders suppression system. The calculated parameters of optical elements, estimates of the thermal load on them, and calculations of the spectral resolution of the optical system in different modes are presented.

Primary author

Dr Anton Nikolenko (Budker INP SB RAS)

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