Optically coupled X-Ray imaging system, from microscopy to macroscopy

13 Jul 2020, 18:30
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Oral SR technological application and X-ray apparatus Technological solutions for SR centers/beamlines


Xavier Rochet (Optique Peter)


Optically coupled X-Ray imaging systems exist for years, mostly dedicated to a given range of magnification that can be arbitrary split in two families with a boundary between 1X to 4X magnification
Optical coupling allows to limit the number of components located in the X-Ray beam axis, thus interesting for high flux and high energies X-Ray imaging applications
- X-Ray imaging microscopes for higher magnifications
- X-Ray imaging macroscopes for lower magnifications
X-Ray imaging microscopes are designed for years on the same optical setup as most standard biological and material microscopes : infinite corrected microscope objectives associated with imaging tube lens. Specific radiation hardened objectives have been designed to avoid objective browning under X-Ray, Near UV microscope have been recently designed for fast imaging applications.
X-Ray imaging macroscopes are either designed on single objective or tandem objective configurations, each solution having its advantages and drawbacks
New optical design allow to propose a range of high resolution / high Numerical Aperture X-Ray imaging systems in the magnification range located between microscopy and macroscopy
Those instruments can be single or multiple resolution.
Others setups allow to combine zoom systems for low magnification to dedicated high resolution/high magnification microscope objectives

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Xavier Rochet (Optique Peter)

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