27 February 2017 to 3 March 2017
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

Design and fabrication of a data logger for atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity for gas-filled detector development

28 Feb 2017, 17:00
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

11, akademika Lavrentieva prospect, Novosibirsk, Russia
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Dr Saikat Biswas (Bose Institute) Mrs Sharmili Rudra (University of Calcutta)


A novel instrument has been developed to monitor and record the ambient parameters such as temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. With this data logger continuous recording of temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and the time stamp can be done with a programmable sampling interval. The device is interfaced with computer by Lab-view software. This instrument is very cheap and these parameters are very essential for understanding the characteristics such as gain of gas filled detectors like Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) and Multi Wire Proportional Counter (MWPC). In the second version, the data can be monitored remotely through Ethernet. In this article the details of the design, fabrication and operation processes of the device has been presented.



[1] S. Sahu et al., RD51-NOTE-2015-004, [arXiv:1507.03575v1].

Primary author

Mrs Sharmili Rudra (University of Calcutta)


Mr Dipanjan Nag (Bose Institute) Dr P K Sahu (IOP) Ms Sagarika Swain (IOP) Dr Saikat Biswas (Bose Institute) Mr Sanjib Sahu (IOP) Dr Supriya Das (Bose Institute)

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