27 February 2017 to 3 March 2017
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Novosibirsk timezone

A TPC for the International Linear Collider

28 Feb 2017, 12:35
Contributed Oral Tracking and vertex detectors Tracking and vertex detectors


Dr Paul Colas (CEA/Irfu Université Paris Saclay)


Significant R&D on detectors for the future International Linear Collider (ILC) has been carried out during the last few years. The ILD central tracker includes a Time Projection Chamber (TPC) embedded in a 3.5 T solenoidal field. Within the framework of the LCTPC collaboration, a Large Prototype (LP) TPC has been built as a demonstrator. Its endplate can accommodate up to seven modules of MPGD representative of the proposed design for ILD. The MPGD technologies being developed are Gas ElectronMultiplier (GEM), Micromegas and GridPix. In these technologies, two solutions for the gas amplification (GEM and Micromegas) are combined with either a traditional pad-based or a digital chip readout. A large prototype of TPC, equipped with up to seven identical modules in a 1 T magnetic field has been tested with a 6 GeV electron beam at DESY. Track reconstruction performance was measured for three different detector technologies: Gas Electron Multiplier, Resistive Micromegas and GridPix. Recent results of these tests will be given. They address realistically implementation questions. Also, together with the ILD collaboration, a detailed study of the field configuration in the interaction region and its effects on the background is started, and plans for calibration and alignment are drawn up. The current status of these will be reported. It was demonstrated that current technologies allow us to meet the ILD tracker requirements.

Primary author

Dr Paul Colas (CEA/Irfu Université Paris Saclay)

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